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Our Credit Data

Our solutions provide you with the following business information categories so you can make informed business decisions and analyse your credit risk throughout the credit account life cycle:

Business Identification and Registration Details: Provides identification and registration details of a business including the official registered company name and number, trading name, status of the business, registered address, business location, type of premises, number of principals and financial year-end. It also provides information on the registered capital structure of the business and includes information on current registered auditors of the business as well as the history of registered auditors and all contact details.

  • Business Contact Details: Includes information on the business’ address and contact details as well as all contact history and branch details.
  • Linked Companies: Includes information on all associated companies including the business’ name, registration number, status, judgments, number of principals and tier level.
  • VAT Details: Provides VAT details of the business.
  • Principal Information: Includes principal’s full names, identity numbers, addresses, other business interests and the status of those interests (e.g. active, dissolved, liquidated), shareholding and equity structure. The principal’s personal credit report is included.
  • Court Information: Provides information on judgments granted against the business which is collected from over 500 courts throughout South Africa. It includes information on the date, type, reason, plaintiff, defendant, case number, court district and amount. It also includes information on defaults against the business supplied to Compuscan by credit providers and includes information such as the amount in question and legal action taken.
  • Account Payment Information: Includes account information supplied by creditors regarding the business and includes details of the credit limit, terms given and taken, average monthly purchases, account length and overdue/past due information.
  • Bank Account Verification: Includes verification information on the subject’s bank accounts including account type, account information, branch code and account length.
  • Bank Codes and Reports Information: Displays the history of the bank codes and reports obtained on the business. Bank codes and reports are up-to-date, factual information on the creditworthiness of the business’ current accounts at banks.
  • Previous Enquiries: Includes information on all previous enquiries made on the subject by other businesses. Each time a credit provider searches the Lightstone Business database, a ‘footprint’ of the search is recorded. The name of the company performing the enquiry, the date of enquiry and the telephone number of the company is displayed.
  • Property and Deeds Information: Provides information on properties or land owned by the business including details of property type, location, number of owners, purchase price and purchase date as well as whether the property is bonded, through which institution it is bonded and the bond amount.
  • Default Information: Provides information related to business subject’s late or non-payment of creditor accounts.
  • Media Information: Includes a selection of information found in the media about the business where available.
  • Operations and Financial Information: Displays the history of all data obtained on the business regarding its operations and financial information. Includes information on the subject’s contracts, imports and exports, staff and fleet.
  • Report Overview: Displays key management information on the business such as its score, defaults, latest enquiries, trading status, judgements and key information on principals.