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Marketing Solutions

Lightstone Business’s Marketing Information Solutions provide a detailed understanding and analysis of businesses and principal members to aid your marketing campaigns and boost sales. Our insight, tools, information and analysis help you implement better and more informed decision making processes to drive integrated marketing campaigns and optimise interaction with your business consumers and partners in any line of communication.

By making use of our services you will be able to target businesses with a desired profile and present your product or service with accurate intelligence and confidence. We will successfully supply your company with an effective customer prospecting and leads generation system designed to boost your sales and breathe new life into your marketing initiatives.

Our solutions also allow you to immediately determine possible links and connections between companies and their principal members. Understanding these relationships can greatly increase your chances of securing a deal and can be a vital tool in deciding who to partner with or approach. The relationship between companies and principal members also affects the overall Company Score which provides you with an indication of the company’s influence and value.

The benefits of implementing Lightstone Business’s Marketing Information Solutions include:

  • Find more customers that match your desired profile
  • Spend your sales time with more promising leads
  • Enjoy a higher sales conversion rate
  • Gain the competitive advantage in assessing qualified leads
  • Improve your e-mail marketing performance
  • Reduce the cost and time of marketing to the incorrect businesses
  • Ensure your advertising campaigns are targeted effectively
  • Understand relationships between companies and principle members
  • Know which companies each principal member has connections to
  • Know how companies are linked and how to open possible avenues for communication
  • Easily establish relationships with prospective customers or partners via existing connections