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Key Features

  • Easily accessible online
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Country-wide service and support is provided both onsite and via our call centre
  • Integrated Company Score is a risk assessment tool that classifies a business according to high, medium or low risk
  • The Credit Report of all principal members is provided
  • A full directors’ view is provided which details directors’ links and connections to other companies
  • Strength of relationships between various companies and their principal members is rated according to tiers
  • Integrated alerts monitor the company’s movement within the credit industry and send triggers and alerts to notify you of any information that has changed or any new information that is available in real-time
  • User friendly search functionality allows you to search a company by name, registration number or director’s name
  • Default reporting functionality exists
  • Bank code request functionality can be used for affordability calculations

Key Benefits

  • Provides you with a comprehensive view of all information relating to a company and its principal members
  • Provides you with accurate information and contact details of a business
  • Provides an understanding of a company’s creditworthiness
  • Allows you to assess a business credit applicant’s ability to honour a financial agreement
  • Reduces costs and time spent on company research
  • Assists you in identifying a company experiencing signs of financial stress
  • Allows you to stay up-to-date with any company changes and developments
  • Eliminates possible fraud by verifying all company financial information
  • Reduces collection costs by assisting you to identify potential problem debtors in advance
  • Helps you identify possible customers who meet your target profile or who can afford your products/services
  • Helps eliminate customers who cannot afford your products/services thus reducing costs on marketing to inappropriate customers
  • Increases return on investment for marketing campaigns by helping you create targeted prospect and e-mail lists
  • Generates leads that match your desired profile
  • Assists in managing your current customer relationships by providing you with a comprehensive view of your customer’s information and contact details
  • Allows you to analyse the position of existing customers to determine their needs and possible revenue potential
  • Reduces the possibility of becoming reliant on a supplier who has a likelihood to fail
  • Identifies relationships and links between principal members and companies
  • Allows you to use identified connections to open lines of communication with possible customers or partners making it easier to approach a potential customer and establish a relationship
  • Ensures targeted marketing campaigns