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Lightstone Business's unique information model uses data from a variety of sources such as CIPC, Compuscan, Deeds Data, Trade References, Defaults and Bank Codes to generate both individual director information and company information. Lightstone Business generates company and director reports, credit data,  business risk profiles and marketing lists which can then be delivered either online or via a batch format. Alerts are also avaliable to notify customers of changes in a number of metrics in the Lightstone Business environment, on customer companies that have been linked.

Customers who share their Trade Information (Debtors and Creditors) with Lightstone Business will become part of a closed pool of users. These users will have access to Business Risk Scores that profile these companies, using the pooled Trade Age Analysis data supplied. Only customers who are supplying data into this pool will be able to share in Business Risk Scores.

Below is a diagram to demonstrate the process:

Lightstone Business_diagram.jpg