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Lightstone Business Solutions

Lightstone Business is a dynamic business credit bureau providing business knowledge solutions to a wide range of companies in various industries and sectors.

We specialise in delivering an online knowledge solution; incorporating batch, real-time and analytic services; on business profiles across various clients and industries.

Lightstone Business's Solutions include:

Credit Risk Solutions 

Lightstone Business’s credit risk solutions can help you protect your company from financial loss by turning information into the insight needed to make critical, fact-based risk decisions that will help you gain a competitive advantage. With us as your partner you will be equipped with accurate, comprehensive information on your business applicants, suppliers and partners and the necessary analytics to interpret the data that will enable you to maximise your profits and minimise your risks.

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Analytical Solutions 

The business environment is continuously evolving and the data rich information of Lightstone Business provides an in-depth insight into current business developments. Lightstone Business possesses the core capabilities to take on custom analytical projects from a broad range of organisations across a diverse set of industries, to generate unique perspectives and processes for our clients.

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Data Cleaning and Matching Solutions (link to Data Cleaning and Matching Solutions page)

A core competency of Lightstone Business is the ability to match data to our data rich environment. We have access to extensive data cleaning tools such as Dataflux, a top tier data cleaning tool, and base tables such as the CIPC, Deeds Office and National Address Dictionary databases.

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Marketing Solutions

By implementing Lightstone Business’s Marketing Information Solutions you can effectively locate business customers that match your desired profile, ensure targeted marketing campaigns and ultimately close more sales. The information provided also gives you an overview of connections and relationships between businesses and principal members opening possible channels of communication.

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