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Credit Risk Solutions

In today's business environment accurate risk management requires a more comprehensive view of your business partners so you are presented with a comprehensive understanding of the risks and opportunities in your business dealings. Being able to adequately weigh up probable risks and potential rewards is only possible if you equip yourself with the right tools and information to make a fact-based decision.

With the information provided by Lightstone Business’s trusted and comprehensive Credit Data you can open accounts, set credit terms, manage accounts, report non-payments and manage the collections process. By combining the use of our online Value Adding Tools, business research reports and predictive scores you can effectively streamline your daily workflow and manage your risk and the decision making process. Lightstone Business will equip you with accurate up-to-date information on your business applicants, suppliers and partners as well as the necessary analytics to interpret the data.

Our data sources are vast and include sources such as the CIPC, JSE, primary research, our subscribers, Courts, SARS, Compuscan, Banks and the Internet. Our data rich environment is continuously monitored to ensure the data that is being updated is accurate and complete. We make sure that the strictest of data security measures are upheld to safeguard the confidentiality of all data transferred, processed and managed. Accessing Our Data and Value Adding Tools is also easy and instantaneous with our real time user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) which allows you to simply input the company’s name or registration number to access a report.