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Data Cleaning and Matching Solutions

Lightstone Business is able to match data to our data rich environment. We have access to extensive data cleaning tools such as Dataflux, a top tier data cleaning tool, and base tables such as the CIPC, Deeds Office and National Address Dictionary databases. We also have strong GIS (Geographic Information System) capabilities and our data is provided with co-ordinates, which allows for the development of location based solutions, such as regional customer penetration levels, targeted marketing lists and regional risk analysis.

The matching of customer databases to the base datasets allows us to compare the customer’s database to the universe of rich data, and allows us to develop solutions where the external knowledge in the company information, such as credit scores, judgments, and primary research, can be applied back onto the customer database. This is then facilitated by an Alerts system that informs our customers on changes that are happening in the broader company environment, as well as their specific linked customers.