Reports and Alerts



Track any changes to your prospects, customers, suppliers and competitors. The business landscape is dynamic, and changes may give rise to deal-making or risk-reducing opportunities. We offer a crucial ‘watching’ service that keeps you up to date with your prospects, customers, suppliers, competitors and all their directors by monitoring:

  • Changes at CIPC level, including directorship changes, address changes, life-cycle changes, de-registrations or business rescue application, and the resultant changes to our risk or value scores.
  • VAT registrations, de-registrations.
  • Changes in property ownership.
  • Judgments against companies or directors.
Business Newsletter

Monthly Business Newsletter

Each month we analyse dynamics of the Business Landscape and report on changes and trends within our Business Newsletter.

Click here for a sample report to see the wealth of information this contains.

Business Director Reports

Business and Director Reports

We provide Company and Director Reports which contain information on various aspects relating to a company or director.

Clients use these reports to guide them in making accurate and informed decisions – such as whether to engage with a new supplier, whether a potential new client is a good fit to your customer profile, etc. The information we provide gives you a complete overview of a company’s background, high level financial stability, operations, connections and contact details ensuring that you are selling, partnering, purchasing or marketing to and from businesses with the desired profile.